YWMT048 Grinder: Design

YWMT048 Grinder is a unique and interesting 5 piece grinder.  The grinder’s obvious design difference is the 5 piece construction, adding a loading compartment above the grinding chamber.  The clear acrylic dome almost triples the load capacity of the unground herb.   The rest of the 4 pieces are an attractive anodized 1 colour finish all the way down.  The top blade pattern is 6 spoke swept design.  At 2.5″ diameter it’s large enough to be your home base grinder and reducing this to a basic 4 piece grinder without the kief screen allows it to be more portable like the average 2.5″ 4 pc grinder.

 YWMT048 Grinder

YWMT048 Grinder: Features

The YWMT048 Grinder is not your typical grinder.  The extremely large clear acrylic lid allows you to triple your whole herb capacity.  The whole herb would need to be broken into small enough pieces to fall through the blade arms and into the grinding chamber so some additional work is needed.  The ground herb falls through to the lower chamber as in any 4 piece design.  The final chamber holds filtered kief for later use.  The grinder comes with a kief scraper for easy unloading.

YWMT048 Grinder

YWMT048 Grinder: Reviews

CA customer: “I’d give all stars but the seller didn’t reply when I asked to ship the item in black color. They just ignored my message and sent random green grinder. All the rest is OK. Quality of the item is awesome. Sellers communication needs some improvement. Anyways, the item itself is very good quality. I’d recommend it.”

YWMT048 Grinder

YWMT048 Grinder: Verdict

With the multitude of grinders on the market, designs that add extra functionality are a welcome change.  Even though there is extra capacity in the whole herb chamber, this won’t add much function if the ground chamber isn’t also increased in size.  We like the see through lid but we don’t feel these two features alone justify the almost double price point as most 4 piece grinders.  We would advise just getting a basic 4 piece grinder to get the similar performance.

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6.8 Total Score
Extra layer of function

Added features and added price doesn't equal added value.

  • Available in 4 handsome colors
  • Extra capacity for unground herb
  • Comes with kief shovel
  • Sharp cnc milled teeth
  • See through lid lets you know if herb is all ground
  • Storage chamber did not increase with increased capacity
  • Double the price of similar performing grinders
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