YKPuii Metal Wrist Watch Grinder: Design

The YkPuii Metal Wrist Watch Grinder is, hands down, the stealthiest grinder on the market.  If you’re looking for a discrete way to transport your medicine look no further.  This two piece grinder was designed to look just like an authentic luxury diving watch. At a 1.6″ watch face diameter it’s it is on the small side for a grinder but that’s kind of the point because it’s supposed to look like a watch.  The silicone strap is very authentic looking as are the bezel on the watch dial and the markings on the dial face.  The authenticity is really quite exceptional for a novelty item at this price point.

YKPuii Metal Wrist Watch Grinder: Features

The YkPuii Metal Wrist Watch Grinder features a silicone wrist band with a die cast metal case.  The teeth are cast and not as sharp as a cnc’d aluminum billet grinder but will still get the job done.  As with most grinders the face of the watch is secured with a magnet that still allows it to twist and grind.  The dial features glow in the dark markings with non moving arms or chronograph. The whole watch case is chrome plated which is probably the weakest part of the watch.  Any real watch case would have a much smoother finish. This imperfection is really the only give away that this is not a real watch.  That and the fact that it doesn’t move.

YKPuii Metal Wrist Watch Grinder: Reviews

BG customer: “I ordered for second time. delivery was 3 weeks like before. good quality”

YKPuii Metal Wrist Watch Grinder: Verdict

This is the must have item on anybody’s shopping list who has a medicating loved one.  It’s basic functionality does what it’s supposed to do which is grind herb.  It does so in a sophisticated and handsome package that looks much more expensive than it really is.  We give it a thumbs up!

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8.6 Total Score
Truly Stealth

A great grinder for travelling or parties. Never get stuck without a grinder.

  • Affordable price point under $9 and free shipping
  • Available in 4 cool colors
  • Authentic detail and design
  • Durable silicone wrist band
  • Ultra portable and discreet
  • Great gift idea
  • Chrome plating could be improved
  • Non functioning watch movement
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