Kannastor Grinder: Design

The Kannastor Grinder is one of the highest quality grinders you can buy.  The grinder’s signature design boasts a fully machined aluminum body, glass herb chamber, and solid black lid with a minimalist Kannastor ‘K’ logo.  This clean and sophisticated design really stands out among the novelty designs and 420 culture styled grinders. At 2.5″ diameter and extra deep herb chamber makes this ideal as your home base grinder but you will be hard pressed not to take it with you to show off as a showcase piece.

 kannastor grinder

Kannastor Grinder: Features

The Kannastör 4pc Grinder uses the tried and true 4 piece design.  Super sharp blades reduces effort when grinding and makes quick work of the material.  The grinding chamber features an alternating layout of drainage holes which improves evactuation of the grinding chamber and keeps it from getting jammed.  The ample tolerance on the lid gap also makes grinding very smooth.  The most famous feature of the kannastor is the see through glass herb chamber which allows you to know if there is still material left in there or if you need to grind another batch.  The depth of the chamber is phenomenal and reduces how many batches you have to grind. The combination of super sharp blades, fast evacuation holes, and extra deep chamber lets you grind larger batches in one go. The other unique feature of the Kannastor line of grinders is the interchangeable screens which allows you to select your pollen size and pureness.

kannastor grinder

Kannastor Grinder: Reviews

US customer:I have an original 2.2 that I bought in 2005, best grinder ever, can grind an1/8 and hold it in there. Never a single problem in 14 years. I’ve ground up pounds since then, the teeth are sharper now than when I bought it. Just bought a new 2.5″ just cuz. Not retiring my beloved 2.2, just getting a sister. The different sized holes make for a perfect grind and everything falls through, unlike every other one out there, I’ve tried friends and every other one is subpar. Hence I’ve had the same one for 14 years.”

US customer: “Awesome grinder. Wouldn’t buy anything else. It has a removable screen on the bottom that you can replace. Best thing ever!!!”

Kannastor Grinder Grinder: Verdict

In any product category you have precision made, high quality materials, in an elegant and sophisticated design.  The car industry has porsche, the watch industry has Rolex, and the grinder industry has Kannastor.  If you have a real connoisseur on your shopping list, this is the best performing grinder you can buy.   There isn’t anything i would change on this grinder. Save a few extra bucks and get the best grinder on the market.

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9.6 Total Score
Best on the market

If you want the best grinder on the market look no further. High quality, efficient, and beautiful. The last grinder you'll ever want.

  • Beautiful sophisticated design
  • Super sharp blades
  • Fast effortless grinding
  • See through glass chamber
  • Interchangeable kief screens
  • Price point may be out of some budgets
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