E.K.J. Lightning Grinder

E.K.J. Lightning Grinder: Design

The E.K.J. Lightning Grinder is a straight forward but striking 4 piece grinder.  The grinder’s obvious design difference is the lightening pattern in the upper grinding compartment against the vibrant anodized finish color finish.  This two tone look extends through from the grinding compartment all the way down to the pollen compartment. At 2.5″ diameter it’s large enough to be your home base grinder and the shorter height still allows it to be more portable than the average 2.5″ 4 pc grinder.

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E.K.J. Lightning Grinder: Features

The E.K.J. Lighting grinder is your typical 4 piece grinder with a flashy top lid design.  The lid has sharp, anodized, cnc machined blades.  The lid also features an acrylic top to view the grinding chamber.  This is especially useful for seeing if there is still material left to grind if you can’t feel it from grinding. As with most 4 piece grinders the top chamber has evacuation holes that lead to the storage chamber. From there the kief is sifted through a mesh screen and is stored in the last pollen/kief chamber.  The unit can be configured as 4 piece or as a 3 piece grinder for more portability.  Leaving off the screen removes the ability to filter kief but also makes it 25% smaller.

E.K.J. Lightning Grinder

E.K.J. Lightning Grinder: Reviews

BE customer: “Very quick delivery. After a few months of use it still is a great grinder.”

E.K.J. Lightning Grinder

E.K.J. Lightning Grinder: Verdict

With the multitude of grinders on the market, it’s nice to seen some design variation with this lighting grinder.  This is a good basic 4 piece design that does everything you need a grinder to do.  It also does it in a fun and flashy package.  You are sure to get noticed and some compliments along the way, if you take this grinder with you.  All in all this grinder is a great buy.

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6.8 Total Score
Fun and flash

A good looking, solidly built, 4 piece grinder that does everything it should do.

  • Affordable price point under $10 and free shipping
  • Available in 5 electric colors
  • See through lid
  • Comes with kief shovel
  • Sharp cnc milled teeth
  • Good for a go to grinder
  • Acrylic lid may be prone to scratches
  • $10 might not be a great value for a basic design like this
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